Thursday, February 12, 2015

ScapeTour set to tackle tourist-travelling problems in Myanmar

ScapeTour set to tackle tourist-travelling problems in Myanmar

 Scapetour Myanmar - Travel arrangement made easy in Myanmar!
The newly launched online bus-ticketing platform ( aims to be the solution for free and easy travellers looking for transport options in Myanmar using technology.

As Myanmar is opening up to the rest of the world in recent years, its tourism is also growing leaps and bounds. This is evident from the jump from 200,000 travellers in 2011 to 3,000,000 in 2014 and a projected 5,000,000 this year in 2015.

However, transportation can be troublesome and time consuming with the lack of infrastructure.  Booking coach bus tickets manually at the bus station or travel agent can take up to half a day if you are not familiar with Myanmar due to not knowing where to buy and traffic conditions.

Scapetour is a start-up looking to simplify the booking process for bus tickets. Travellers can secure their tickets early and complete the booking process in minutes with the use of Scapetour’s simple mobile-friendly user interface. In essence, travellers book online and Scapetour will handle the ground work.

In the words of the Founder, Kyaw Lin Oo, of Scapetour:” We created Scapetour because once I was also caught in a scenario where I wasted so much time just getting my transportation plans confirmed. Booking these tickets can be time consuming and that’s why I want to provide this solution for others and we have EventNook’s ticketing technology which is proven technology platform which has served thousands of events in Asia with its event ticketing and online payment solutions.“

As of now, Scapetour is focusing on bus ticket bookings with a mission to make travel arrangement easy and accessible for tourists coming to Myanmar.

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