Sunday, August 9, 2015

Donate for Myanmar's flood - support Burma to save its beauty

Myanmar (or Burma), known as one of the top rising destinations for travelers in Asia, has recently experienced widespread flooding due to the monsoon season. Nearly 100 people have died and 1 million have been affected until today according to BBC. Although the flood did not have major impact on big cities like Yangon or Bagan, Myanmar’s tourism would undergo serious situation as transportation were incapable of running efficiently.

Flood disaster in Myanmar 2015
Burma is calling for urgent support from international aid especially in terms of food, clothing and money. Many donation campaigns have been ran and promoted throughout the world to save this beautiful country that is full of thousands of pagodas, stupas and temples. With that being said, check out what solo travel bloggers wrote about exploring Myanmar as a beautiful destination and a country full of hospitality before deciding to donate.

''Burmese people are the most genuine, friendly, warm-hearted and amazingly beautiful people I have ever met. Not one will turn you away when you need help and hardly anyone will try to short change you or be cheeky in a transaction. 
They are so fascinated by the presence of outsiders, that you can see the sheer excitement on their faces. Smile and say hello, shake hands, hug, exchange e-mail addresses and revel in the wonderful reaction you get back. Spend at least two weeks here if you can – skimming this incredible landscape is an absolute waste. I’m already trying to plan spending another month here.''

''The people of Myanmar have touched my heart time and time again throughout my travels and documentary work in the country these past few years.  Unfortunately, the state of the country still leaves the citizens incredibly vulnerable when it comes to natural disasters.  I highly encourage others to visit the country independently and connect with the citizens in a thoughtful way.  A small amount makes a huge difference.

''I've been to over 35 countries in Asia, and Myanmar is unquestionably my favorite.  The culture is authentic, the food is fantastic, and the people are some of the most kind-hearted and welcoming that I've ever met.  It's also a very affordable destination for budget travelers like myself. Myanmar is a place that I will always go back to visit whenever I am in Southeast Asia.  I can't wait to visit soon!'',

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